Parent education, support & hobbies

parent/caregiver education & support


This unique therapeutic support group uses expressive arts, baby massage, developmental and sensory play, song and movement to help parents with children aged 0-12 months soothe their babies, build community, and increase their sense of parental competency and joy. Come join this warm and welcoming group of parents who gather each week to soothe and care for their babies – and themselves! Meets Tuesdays from 11-11:45am or Wednesdays from 12-12:45pm. $30 for a one-time drop-in class (you must contact us to register prior to your first drop in), or $25 per class when you purchase a series. A new session starts 6/9, or contact us to join anytime.

Nanny & Me

This innovative program is a win-win-win: your baby (pre-walkers only please!) gets to join his or her first playgroup while your nanny receives professional development that improves the quality of care she is able to offer your family and looks great on her resume! Our facilitator will provide your nanny with information about a wide variety of child development topics, plus great ideas for activities to do at home with your child to support his or her development. Meets Tuesdays from noon-1pm starting January 13. $150 per nanny-child pair for 6 weeks. Please contact us to sign up.

Expectant Grandparents

Pregnant for the first time? You’re not the only one whose life is about to change forever! This great class offers your parents or in-laws/partner’s parents a safe and supportive group environment where they can prepare for their new role in the family. By helping them examine issues such as how your parenting practices and attitudes may be different from their own, this class will help them support you in transitioning to parenthood and reduce conflict after the birth of your child. Meets Tuesdays from 7:30-8:30pm. $125 for 5 weeks. Please contact us to register.

All of these classes are facilitated by Wesley Stahler, MFT, RDT, an early childhood mental health specialist and educator with over 20 years of experience.

Private Sessions

Feeling like you’re not the parent you thought you would be? Wishing your child came with instructions? Wesley is also available for private consultations, developmental assessments and brief or long-term therapy, either at Wallaby or in the comfort of your home. Great for help with behavior management, childhood fears and anxiety, developmental concerns, parenting tools, education questions, family transitions, feeding concerns, sleep issues, parenting disagreements, sibling issues, post-partum depression, toilet training, adoption issues and more. Contact Wesley at to schedule an appointment.

parent hobby program


This class lets you enjoy the company and encouragement of other parents while honing your knitting skills. Appropriate for total beginners as well as folks with more advanced abilities since our instructor will work one-on-one with you to help you learn the basics or to tackle a particular project you’ve been struggling to complete.  Meantime, your child gets to play in our fabulous classroom under the supervision of one of our parent & me teachers. Taught by Amanda Sutton - local fiber artist extraordinaire and founder of LooseKnit Fiber Arts Collective. $240 for 6 weeks. Meets Sundays from 3:30-4:15pm. Contact us to register.


Have you always dreamed of playing guitar but just never made time for lessons? Has your desire to inspire creativity in your children finally created the motivation you need to get started? Or maybe you just want to be able to play your favorite songs or your child’s favorite lullabies. No matter your reason for participating, our group guitar class offers you a unique opportunity to indulge your latent musical talent in a fun and non-competitive group environment – and you won’t have to worry about losing precious time with your little one or finding a sitter since children can tag along and play and participate in some great activities led by one of our amazing parent & me teachers. With the expert guidance of Vicki Hill of McCabe’s Guitar Shop, you’ll learn basic chords, reading music and tabs, strumming and fingerpicking, and will be playing beautifully in no time. $240 for 6 weeks. Meets Mondays from 11-11:45am. A new session starts 5/18. Contact us to enroll.


This class will give you the skills and confidence you need to sing in front of anyone – your baby, your friends and family, your adoring fans… Taught by Annie Stela, classically-trained singer and pianist, KCRW-approved recording artist and performer, and Music Together instructor extraordinaire. Culminates with a recital at Wallaby where you can perform your chosen song (complete with live backup band!) for your invited guests. Includes child care provided by one of our parent & me teachers, so bring your little one(s). $240 for 6 weeks. Contact us to sign up.


Does your child speak more Spanish than you do? Would speaking Spanish be a leg-up in your professional life? Or maybe you’d just like to be able to communicate better with your Spanish-speaking caregiver? This class – taught by seasoned Spanish professor Ofelia Narvaez-McQueen – will teach you to properly speak, read and write basic Spanish. $240 for 6 weeks. Includes all materials AND onsite child care so you can bring your little one(s) with you. Contact us to register.

Have a great idea/request for a new hobby class you’d like to see added to our ever-growing roster? Please let us know!

Baby signing time

You already know that your baby can communicate with you long before he can talk by using gestures like pointing, waving or blowing kisses. This class will enable you to teach your child to use natural and fun-to-learn American Sign Language (ASL) signs to tell you if he is hungry, thirsty, needs a diaper change, and other important stuff (“I see a cat/airplane/banana!”) until his verbal abilities catch up to his intellectual ones. Research suggests that compared to other children, infants who use sign language speak sooner and score higher on tests of language ability when tested after second grade, plus better communication makes for less frustrated babies and happier parents! This class uses the PBS-endorsed Baby Signing Time curriculum that encourages signing and speaking together – children hear the word, see the word, say the word, and model the word with their hands – and that uses ASL because, hey, why not learn a real language spoken by millions of people all over the world? Meets Saturdays from noon-12:45pm. $176 for 6 weeks including an awesome set of Baby Signing Time books, DVDs and other supporting materials that will help you retain, apply and build on what you learn in class long after the session concludes. A new session starts 6/6. Contact us to register.